Jean Le Cam arrived in Martinique today Saturday and will immediately get ready to start the Retour à La Base. Along with Bernard Stamm he has delivered his brand new David Raison designed boat Tout Commence en Finistère - Armor Lux from Brittany to Martinique.

He reported he is happy with everything he has learned aboard his new IMOCA. He has until Thursday, December 7 at 1 p.m. (the time of line closing) to set off.
Jean Le Cam arrived wearing a big smile, happy with the boat which he launched only at the end of September.

We did exactly what we wanted to do,” he explained on the pontoons at Le Marin where his IMOCA is moored. “ We did a transatlantic without taking any risks and we took the opportunity to get to know the boat better. The better it went, the more comfortable I felt.

His new boat requires “a new user manual that you always requires you to adapt,” explains Le Cam, “Our Atlantic crossing allowed us to understand the boat. The more spirited the horse, the more time it takes to tame it” adds the sailor.

Tout Commence en Finistère - Armor Lux had a tough start from Port-La-Forêt with fairly sustained peaks of 24 knots in very choppy seas,
There is a little bit of work for his technical team. “We could not leave like this” assesses Le Cam who has five Vendée Globes under his belt. SO far he has not committed to a date and time when he will leave for the solo race back, but it won’t be before Monday.
He is enthusiastic about the upcoming challenge ahead, “We are going to set out again to write another story, the next stage in the young history of this boat”.