At full speed with the salty taste of the complete Breton egg and cheese! Maybe it's a way of motivating me to get back to dear Brittany as soon as possible!

Apart from a glitch in the keel which, lazy as a snake, prevents me from asking it for any rotations whatsoever, Théophile is doing well! Here I am again, with my head in the stars and my body bent at 30 degrees of heel!

Times have changed! When I was a kid, it was the return from skiing with the family or the speed bumps announcing the slowdown on the road between Saint Malo and Rennes, which woke me from a languid sleep, my head pressed up against the window in the back of the minivan, when at the bend of a roundabout appeared that famous yellow M that every car in the world once heard exclaim: MAM, DAD , Can we go to Mac Do??? Please!
From now on, I'll be chasing this demonic logo in the middle of Bermuda, on the arm of a talented little girl! But Ronald and Violette don't need to worry, I'm still on a roll, and my little Théophile has a hankering for his Sunday Caramel! So we hang on, adjust, manoeuvre! I love this fatigue. I've never found this before on a double, and now I'm rediscovering these moments, on a sunset, a moonrise, this moment when, for no reason, my eyes suddenly moisten with the pure happiness of being where I need to be. Simple happiness. Magical! Because here I am, back at sea, and that's what matters! Little by little, my gaze detaches itself from the cartography and the computer screen to look further and further out to sea! Snuggled up under my cap, I observe, I think and, above all, what I like best... I think of nothing!

I wrote it on the boat. Retour à La Base is a return to my roots. Where it all began, when I showed up one morning at a Tanguy Leglatin training session, not yet knowing what rigging tension was... It was there, at the submarine base, on a winter's morning. That was 5 years ago... I'd dreamed of racing minis... and here I am, a pilot in the most beautiful Formula 1s of the seas... who would have thought! I hope I'll never forget this incredible opportunity!
My dear national Evelyne (Pierre Le Roy) has left the ship, but her teachings are still on board!
I'm sending you a salty brown spray, filled with the happiness of being at sea, and I'm sharing a few pieces with you!
See you soon!

Pépino on his boat